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Administrator's Welcome


Welcome!  We at Excellence in Learning Academy believe every child is capable of great things.  ELA students learn skills to mastery at their own pace.  Mastery simply means that a child fully understands before moving forward.  We believe in mindful, multi-sensory hands on learning so that children are more able to understand concepts and apply them.  




I want to first thank God for His grace and mercy in all areas of life and may we never forget that it is through Him, that ALL good things happen.

I want to thank Pastor Duane, his wife Michelle and First Church of God family for providing the facilities for ELA.

As a brief personal introduction, I currently have a Bachelors in Education, from Liberty University and will soon complete a Masters degree in Dyslexia. I have spent the past 15 years in a teaching environment either by homeschooling my children in my home, teaching home school curriculum in numerous homeschool co-ops, teaching art lessons or teaching at traditional private schools.  These experiences formed the foundation for ELA, and our Hybrid-homeschool method utilizes the best practices and strategies from all of these educational environments.

Melanie Gibbs

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